Since Path of Exile: Sentinel launched, players should not know much about this new mechanic, and it may be more difficult for novice players. Even if many players prepare some POE Currency, it is still a daunting task to challenge themselves.

Sentinels are divided into three types. The Stalker Sentinel is available from the moment players pick up the Sentinel Controller, and will follow them to fire their empowering beams at enemies until they time out or run out of power. Apex Sentinels function similarly, but only enhance Rare and Unique enemies.

Finally, Pandemonium Sentinels empower many enemies at once, then disappear instantly. If players want to defeat powerful enemies, they still can't lose the support of POE Currency. POECurrency is able to offer players the cheapest price, and the POE Sentinel Currency it sells is delivered fast, safe and perfect. Let's try it together!